Thursday, July 09, 2009

Time is getting short.



...uh... (tap tap tap)

Is this thing on?

I am going to wipe away some cobwebs around here, and try to get this thing started back up.
Time is the enemy.
The world has gone crazy.
Iran is in revolt... and we're not helping them.
North Korea is threatening to nuke Hawaii... and we stand by blowing them kisses.
Russia is waking up from a false slumber, poised and ready to fight... and we are sending them love letters and kissing their hands.
The Democrats are in total control... and the Republicans are too whipped by the retirement benefits of "Public Servants" to stand up for anything.
America is now a socialist nation... and Michael Jackson is the top story - for 12 days and counting.

...but God is still on the throne, and His Son is closer than ever to coming back.
I better start blogging again.

Talk amongst yourselves...
Here's a topic:

Why did God Give the Torah in the first place?

I'll be back shortly.