Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's not what comes out of you that makes you stink, Wheezie...

Our family bought Wheezie (formerly known as "Sammy") at a flea market called Croy Creek, b y Brazil, Indiana.
Her former owner told us that she was "about three years old, and had never had a litter," which was, well,  ...obviously stretching the truth.

We figured her to be between seven or eight years old, and by all appearances, littered-out.

She smells terrible, in spite of baths. 

Her stink comes from within.

But we love her just the same.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 12 Psalm 119:89-96 "Lamed : King of Kings"

...I have to find a way to stay caught up with all of this!
Until I do, I will continue to post'em when I got'em.
You can hear the rest of the letters at:
Or visit Grace Messianic's website here:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not All VA Facilities Are Created Equal

While I'm thinking about it, and while I'm sitting in a VA waiting room, in Danville, Illinois, I need to make a public announcement:

They don't all stink.
That's right, I'm speaking out publicly, and positively about a VA hospital.

In my own personal experience, These people have been fast, professional, and down-right ...nice.

When i needed back surgery and they were too busy to do it, they told me to find a neuro-surgeon, and have him fix it, at their expense. I did, and they did. Quickly.

When my service representative told me to get an appointment for veterans disability, he said it may take up to, or longer than, two years to get my initial appointment. 

It didn't. It took about eight weeks.

That's all I have to say about it. They're good at what they do, and they've treated me very well over the last two years; not what I expected when i first got "in the system" here. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't Forget To Like Our Page

The  Christian Facebook community went berserk over Home Depot's stance on gay rights. If i remember correctly, some folks are still boycotting their stores.

What if Facebook was to allow pages with antisemitic views, or anti-Christian, Jesus bashing, pages? I won't link to them because they are too vile for this site, but trust me, there are some awful pages on there, desecrating everything from Jesus to Mary.

Would it be worth a boycott if they allowed the "Death to Jews" page, but refused to block the page preaching against homosexual marriage or abortion?

...Well, take your pick. Google it; check out which pro-christian, anti-gay marriage pages are being blocked and which Jesus bashing, pro-gay marriage pages are being allowed, then tell the world how you can justify boycotting Home depot for their stance on gays, or Dairy Queen for their stance on abortion, yet continue to maintain a solid presence on Facebook.

Now is your chance Christians; show the world that you mean what you say! Show the unbelieving world that you are consistent in your fight against the immoral policies of American businesses!

...unfortunately, you know as well as i do that it won't happen. Some folks will use a "Stand For Israel" banner on their page, but the attention will be shifted to something else soon enough.

I fear that in the end, the great "Falling Away" spoken of in the Scriptures will be normal people like you and me, who are completely OK with falling away... as long as they get a lot of "likes" for it on facebook.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Say What?

Our congregation is starting a "series" next week titled, "You Have Heard It Said."

The primary purpose of the series is to go over things that we have heard for most of our lives, and in most cases, have accepted as truth. For example, we have all heard the statement "God won't give you more than you can handle!"

...I beg to differ. 

As a matter of fact, I can name a few men and women in the bible who might disagree. Take Abraham for instance. He is told by God, to take his son, his "only son, whom he loved" and sacrifice him on the mountain. Not an easy task! In fact, its unfathomable to any of us who have children, and certainly more than we, or he could "handle."

Esther is another good example. She has the weight of the entire race of her people on her shoulders - she has to make a choice that will lead to one of two outcomes; go in to the king unannounced and lose her head, or not go in to the king, and all of her family, friends, every Jew in the land will be killed. Handle that.

Get my point? I believe that God is in the business of giving us more than we can handle. I think that He does it in order to drive us to rely on Him in ways that we could never have, prior to such overwhelming circumstances.
He sees the end from the beginning. He knows the outcome before the trial, and He is able to direct our paths, providing we acknowledge Him in all of our ways. He wants us to step out in faith, and go where we could never go on our own. Like Peter stepping out on the sea, our Father wants us to step out, knowing that if He is not with us, we will fail; or possibly even die.
The Lion's Den, the Fiery Furnace, there are several of them in the Word.

I believe we need to re-evaluate almost everything we have learned from the mainstream church. I don't say that with negativity, or a grudge. I say that simply out of concern for the Truth. Every day i see and hear things that are without a doubt non scriptural... but used as though they were by our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Sometimes it's in innocence, sometimes it's deceit. Either way, we need to know what His Word says. 
We need to be digging in to it, now more than ever. After all, there will be no pastors standing with you on Judgement Day. You will be expected to give an account for what you did or did not do - nobody can do that for you.

I will be uploading the podcasts to, as soon as the 
Aleph-Beit series is finished.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

That Was Then, This Is Now

When i started Mangdiddles back in 2006, i used to read Drudge and cringe when ever it would refresh. It seemed like every day things were getting more and more absurd - Russia was flexing it's muscles, rogue Islamic countries we becoming more bold by the day, and America basked in Godlessness. Israel was in a continuous battle against nor just the enemies surrounding her, but her enemies at the UN who refuse to acknowledge her right to defend herself.

I stopped posting because of the death threats i was getting from Obama supporters. Evidently, just quoting his stupidity is an offense to the mindless mass who sold their souls at the voting booth for his "change". Today, it looks like his followers are just as irritated with him as i am - Heck, it's his own followers who are publicly questioning whether or not Michelle is a woman! Strange days indeed; and no, I'm not going to attempt to answer that question.

So, what else has changed? Well, Russia continues to flex it's muscles; this week sitting down a passenger jet with 298 people on it. Every rogue Islamic state within shooting distance of Israel is causing trouble with her and anyone else they can stir up. Yesterday they sent over a "suicide donkey." Nice. The more things change, the more they stay the same. After Israel have the Gaza Strip to her enemies in 05', they turned it into a launching pad for rockets - just like the conservatives said they would.

Our "president" has made it known that he has nothing but total disdain for our constitution, and the state of Israel. He's evidently ok with Russia and the rogue Islamic states - after all, he is financially and religiously invested in both.
The question is, what's going to happen next? Every enemy of the US and Israel knows that Obama will be succeeded with a conservative, and no conservative will put up with the things Obama has put up with. They are running out of time; after all,  they don't get opportunities like this very often. Not since Jimmy Carter has there been such an open door for our enemies. Last week, Obama was given a 74% approval rating... from Muslims. He is hovering around the low forties with the average American.

Ok, so it's still my blog, so what do i think?
That's easy. I think he will do something catastrophic that will cause him to be in office for yet another term. That's right, I don't think he will leave office at the end of his second term. I pray that i am wrong.
I can see a couple of different scenarios playing out for our future - one would be the election of Michelle Obama.
There was a recent poll that placed her about twenty points ahead of Hillary. Why would that be polling that? Preparation.
The other scenario would have an incident that requires martial law, just before the elections. Such a situation would demand that America's election be "put on hold" ...for our own good of course.

...both are equally disturbing, and according to some, neither results in America having her first woman as the Commander in Chief. Just another dude with liberal ideology running the show, and just as illegal as the previous leader.

In spite of the creepy headlines, in a weird way, it's good to be back. I'm shooting for 2,000 page views per day this time. We were able to break 1,650 back in the day, and things obviously haven't gotten any better, so let's do this.
Without the death threats, please.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


...then this happened:

This seems to be happening at an alarming rate these days, doesn't it? From the  sink hole in the Corvette Museum,  to the 5 pages of sink holes found here, there appears to be something going on underneath us.
This one looks different though - this one appears to have blown debris outward from the hole, leaving a pile of dirt around it. The story says that it is most likely caused by "global warming" which is completely ridiculous as far as I am concerned (for a list of completely stupid things blamed on global warming, check this link out).

Although it's not quite as ominous, it reminds me of the giant hole they found on Mars:

(read the rest of the story here)

Interesting to say the least, right?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

And Now for a PatrioTech Comercial:

Here are a few of the things we can make for you in vinyl:

Man. I hate Facebook.

I hate Facebook.
I can think of several other words that the "f" above could stand for.
Let's start with FAKE.
 I know people who are in complete shambles... absolute wrecks, who have a facebook personna that screams, "Hey! I'm loving life, and jesus is my homeboy. Let's get our worship on!"

I'll pass. 

I would rather appear to be cynical... at least it's honest.

I love people. I love Jesus. I hate facebook. It has become the face of the other-face of people.It has turned good Christians into gossips, and conservative Christians into liberals.

I have tried killing my account several times, all to no avail.
If you can't beat them, join them, right? 
I only keep my account now in a hope to someday make money from it.

...If you can't beat them, at the very least, make some money from them, right?
I can only hope.

Speaking of Resurrecting Mango, Here's a Bigfoot Shirt.

You can buy it here:

...Yes, it's my listing. 
You need one.

And just in case you were wondering, 

You're welcome.

Is it live, or is it Mangorex?

So, it's been since Wednesday, December 26, 2012 since I'veposted on What happened? Well, for starters, I lost the domain name ""

Now, who on earth would want to buy, you might ask?
Chinese folks! Why? I don't have the foggiest idea. I do know that it was dropped buy its Asian owners though, and I have snatched it up again.
So, back to the picture above. We thought it might be a bootlegged photo of Mang, but lo, it is not. The cat above it Button, the winner of the Hallmark Card Contest. 
Here is a shot of Mango for comparison:

...while the resemblance is uncanny, I think Buttons has a few pounds on Mango.
But, all is not lost - the arrival of Buttons on my desk has caused me to rethink the retirement of
Long story short, we are back.
It was death threats form Obama supporters that initially caused me to take a step back from the website, andI don't think his supporters care as much about him today as they did a few years ago.
I don't know what tomorrow brings, but it has to be something better. 
Why not spread the Mang while i can?