Sunday, July 20, 2014

That Was Then, This Is Now

When i started Mangdiddles back in 2006, i used to read Drudge and cringe when ever it would refresh. It seemed like every day things were getting more and more absurd - Russia was flexing it's muscles, rogue Islamic countries we becoming more bold by the day, and America basked in Godlessness. Israel was in a continuous battle against nor just the enemies surrounding her, but her enemies at the UN who refuse to acknowledge her right to defend herself.

I stopped posting because of the death threats i was getting from Obama supporters. Evidently, just quoting his stupidity is an offense to the mindless mass who sold their souls at the voting booth for his "change". Today, it looks like his followers are just as irritated with him as i am - Heck, it's his own followers who are publicly questioning whether or not Michelle is a woman! Strange days indeed; and no, I'm not going to attempt to answer that question.

So, what else has changed? Well, Russia continues to flex it's muscles; this week sitting down a passenger jet with 298 people on it. Every rogue Islamic state within shooting distance of Israel is causing trouble with her and anyone else they can stir up. Yesterday they sent over a "suicide donkey." Nice. The more things change, the more they stay the same. After Israel have the Gaza Strip to her enemies in 05', they turned it into a launching pad for rockets - just like the conservatives said they would.

Our "president" has made it known that he has nothing but total disdain for our constitution, and the state of Israel. He's evidently ok with Russia and the rogue Islamic states - after all, he is financially and religiously invested in both.
The question is, what's going to happen next? Every enemy of the US and Israel knows that Obama will be succeeded with a conservative, and no conservative will put up with the things Obama has put up with. They are running out of time; after all,  they don't get opportunities like this very often. Not since Jimmy Carter has there been such an open door for our enemies. Last week, Obama was given a 74% approval rating... from Muslims. He is hovering around the low forties with the average American.

Ok, so it's still my blog, so what do i think?
That's easy. I think he will do something catastrophic that will cause him to be in office for yet another term. That's right, I don't think he will leave office at the end of his second term. I pray that i am wrong.
I can see a couple of different scenarios playing out for our future - one would be the election of Michelle Obama.
There was a recent poll that placed her about twenty points ahead of Hillary. Why would that be polling that? Preparation.
The other scenario would have an incident that requires martial law, just before the elections. Such a situation would demand that America's election be "put on hold" ...for our own good of course.

...both are equally disturbing, and according to some, neither results in America having her first woman as the Commander in Chief. Just another dude with liberal ideology running the show, and just as illegal as the previous leader.

In spite of the creepy headlines, in a weird way, it's good to be back. I'm shooting for 2,000 page views per day this time. We were able to break 1,650 back in the day, and things obviously haven't gotten any better, so let's do this.
Without the death threats, please.

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