Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't Forget To Like Our Page

The  Christian Facebook community went berserk over Home Depot's stance on gay rights. If i remember correctly, some folks are still boycotting their stores.

What if Facebook was to allow pages with antisemitic views, or anti-Christian, Jesus bashing, pages? I won't link to them because they are too vile for this site, but trust me, there are some awful pages on there, desecrating everything from Jesus to Mary.

Would it be worth a boycott if they allowed the "Death to Jews" page, but refused to block the page preaching against homosexual marriage or abortion?

...Well, take your pick. Google it; check out which pro-christian, anti-gay marriage pages are being blocked and which Jesus bashing, pro-gay marriage pages are being allowed, then tell the world how you can justify boycotting Home depot for their stance on gays, or Dairy Queen for their stance on abortion, yet continue to maintain a solid presence on Facebook.

Now is your chance Christians; show the world that you mean what you say! Show the unbelieving world that you are consistent in your fight against the immoral policies of American businesses!

...unfortunately, you know as well as i do that it won't happen. Some folks will use a "Stand For Israel" banner on their page, but the attention will be shifted to something else soon enough.

I fear that in the end, the great "Falling Away" spoken of in the Scriptures will be normal people like you and me, who are completely OK with falling away... as long as they get a lot of "likes" for it on facebook.

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