Sunday, July 27, 2014

Say What?

Our congregation is starting a "series" next week titled, "You Have Heard It Said."

The primary purpose of the series is to go over things that we have heard for most of our lives, and in most cases, have accepted as truth. For example, we have all heard the statement "God won't give you more than you can handle!"

...I beg to differ. 

As a matter of fact, I can name a few men and women in the bible who might disagree. Take Abraham for instance. He is told by God, to take his son, his "only son, whom he loved" and sacrifice him on the mountain. Not an easy task! In fact, its unfathomable to any of us who have children, and certainly more than we, or he could "handle."

Esther is another good example. She has the weight of the entire race of her people on her shoulders - she has to make a choice that will lead to one of two outcomes; go in to the king unannounced and lose her head, or not go in to the king, and all of her family, friends, every Jew in the land will be killed. Handle that.

Get my point? I believe that God is in the business of giving us more than we can handle. I think that He does it in order to drive us to rely on Him in ways that we could never have, prior to such overwhelming circumstances.
He sees the end from the beginning. He knows the outcome before the trial, and He is able to direct our paths, providing we acknowledge Him in all of our ways. He wants us to step out in faith, and go where we could never go on our own. Like Peter stepping out on the sea, our Father wants us to step out, knowing that if He is not with us, we will fail; or possibly even die.
The Lion's Den, the Fiery Furnace, there are several of them in the Word.

I believe we need to re-evaluate almost everything we have learned from the mainstream church. I don't say that with negativity, or a grudge. I say that simply out of concern for the Truth. Every day i see and hear things that are without a doubt non scriptural... but used as though they were by our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Sometimes it's in innocence, sometimes it's deceit. Either way, we need to know what His Word says. 
We need to be digging in to it, now more than ever. After all, there will be no pastors standing with you on Judgement Day. You will be expected to give an account for what you did or did not do - nobody can do that for you.

I will be uploading the podcasts to, as soon as the 
Aleph-Beit series is finished.

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