Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let the Hair fall... He is still counting them.

I was praying on my way home from school tonight and the Lord really spoke to me. I want to be closer to Him, and I know that there are things that hinder my relationship with Him, but He is making me grow.

I believe that He spoke something to my heart tonight. What I believe He was telling me is that I shouldn't call Him awesome simply because of the blessings He has given me, but more so because of the things He has taken from me.

We all know that sin puts a wedge between ourselves and God. We all know that He is Holy, and hates sin, yet we (I) continue to let little things come between us. Recently He has begun to start removing some things from my life, and though it is painful, the reward is without comparison.
I am beginning to see more each day just how amazing it is that He would even be "mindful" of me.
King David was experiencing this same sort of awe when he said, "What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?" (Psa 8:4)
The more I think about the little things that happen in my life, the more I am struck by awe at the fact that He would ever care to look my way. He is God. He is under no obligation to even give me my next breath. Then His word tells me that the "very hairs on our heads are numbered" (Matt 10:30).

If you have ever seen my hairline, you would know that this is no simple task. The rate of follicle disappearance taking place on my scalp tells me that He is actively paying attention to me. He is keeping an ever-dwindeling tally of the hairs I still possess, and it completely floors me. I used to say that as a joke, and it is still pretty funny, but think about it.
He is so good. As I strive to obey Him, I get more and more glimpses of just how utterly beautiful He is. He has truly been my Father in the fatherless days, and for some reason, He continues to be my Father even today - in spite of my short comings, in spite of my failures, and certainly in spite of my rapidly growing forehead. He loves me too much to leave me in the messes that I have made. I can not for the life of me, even begin to understand why He would bother to give me this free gift of Salvation through His Son; but He did, and even though I will wake up tomorrow and go through the day making mistakes, I am growing in Him - because of Him, and through Him.
...and when I start my day tomorrow, with His grace being brand new, I know that He will be right there with me,
...counting hairs.

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