Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm Still Here.

I am still alive; just haven't been blogging.
I started school again, and am strapped for time in a big way.
I am actually "live blogging" from class right now (it is a class on how to take courses online).
I don't have many comments on the news right now, other than I think it is unfortunate that we have narrowed it down to four Democrats; two from the Democrats, and two from the GOP. In this race the only "lesser" of the evils is anybody that is not Hillary. Other than that, they are all the same person.

I am teaching the teen bible study at our church again after a four year break. I am excited about it. There are less kids in this study, but it appears that there are more leaders, and God knows that the next generation needs leadership. After all, they are not going to get it from those that we elect.

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