Thursday, September 02, 2010

Not "Phobic" - Just Opposed To

I just wanted to get a couple things straight...
If you pay attention to the news, you may be under the impression that most people who lean to the Right, such as myself, are "Homo-phobic," "Islamo-phobic," or "Racist." I want to talk about the first two.

Let's first define what a phobia is. According to

Phobia: pho·bi·a [foh-bee-uh]

a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity,  
or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.
I would add that the key word here is fear. This is where I have a problem with such labels, and here is where things need to be straightened out. I, personally, am not afraid of Homosexuals or Muslims (those who follow Islam as their faith). I am opposed to homosexuality - not afraid of those who choose to live the lifestyle. I will admit, I do have a 'compelling desire to avoid it,' but I am not afraid of it. The reason for my opposition is that God's Word tells us it is sin. Like everything else, anyone speaking truth has to add a disclaimer, so I will say that I am not against the person, but the lifestyle. And it is the lifestyle that will keep me from being in the continuing company of a homosexual. Drunkenness is sin too, and I will help an alcoholic as much as I can - but they will never practice their alcoholism in my home or around my wife and kids. Same goes for the homosexual. I won't be inviting them to our house for movies on Saturday night. And yet this is not fear - it is acting with wisdom. Enough said about that.

Now for "Islamo-phobia." Not afraid. I know two Muslims who I believe to be of good integrity - they wouldn't blow my house up for wearing tzi-tzit or a kippa. I doubt they are going to a training camp in Yemen this summer to learn the finer arts of bomb making. However, when a person of Islamic beliefs says openly that America "got what it had coming" on Sept.11, then I am in direct opposition. When they want to build a symbol of victory at Ground Zero, I am against it. Call it what you will, but it is not a 'fear' of Islam; it is opposition to an evil ideology that claims the right to kill innocent people in the name of their god. It is opposition to a Left-leaning media that tells us the Religion of Peace had nothing to do with the last 4,000 terrorist attacks, and an opposition to anyone who calls for the death of those who do not convert to their beliefs. That is not a "phobia," but again, wisdom. 
Remember when we were kids and our elders told us to treat people like we wanted to be treated? Why is that only being applied to those who are opposed to an ideology that spits in the faces of our Founding Fathers? Call me a fundamentalist, a fanatic, a Right-Winger, a Bible Thumper, or what ever it is you need to call me, but don't label me as afraid of Islam and gays. After all, don't they both cry for their rights? Their right to be heard, their right to be counted, and their right to be what they are? How can any group of people expect to stand for the rights of their group while trampling the same rights of those they are standing up to? 

...And racist? Please. My Savior - my Master, Yeshua (Jesus) is a Jew. I will serve Him until the day I die. We are all made in God's image! I could never swear allegiance to Jesus and hate His creation for the way He made them. That is nonsense. However, never are we expected to agree with the ideas of a person based on his or her skin color. If I disagree with you, it is because of your position, not your skin color. That whole argument is a juvenile, pathetic way out of having to prove your point with any intellectual comprehension; and just the accusation of racism whenever a disagreement comes up simply proves your lack of solid ground for whatever Liberal piece of excrement you are trying to sell to the American public.

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