Monday, January 04, 2016

One More Voice Questioning The Narrative

  What is new, what is new... I figured that I should start blogging again, seeing as the election year is upon us. The last time I was active on this site during an election year, I was getting around 6500 views a day, and enough death threats to make me want to back off. Why the death threats you might ask? I had the audacity to post the current president's Illinois voting record. Just the facts. Evidently that's all it takes anymore.
  So why come back now? Good question. I think that today, more than ever, the news we get from mainstream media is even more fake and biased that we could have imagined in 2008. If you just scratch the surface - research even the slightest bit, you will find discrepancies, inconsistencies and pure fiction in the stories we all get from the big news outlets. I wonder if just maybe, one more voice of skepticism and reason could help. I already have the site, so here I am ...again.
 I am hoping to couple this blog with a YouTube channel called TorahNormal. The goal is to talk about topics dealing with the paranormal, exopolitical, fake news and the like, all in the context of Torah observance. I know that it sounds like a paradoxical statement, but we're going to give it a shot.

Stay tuned.

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