Sunday, February 14, 2016

1 January 1970 Apple iphone 6S Bug [SOLVED] for real.

  Ok, so my 17 year old used his own money earlier this year to purchase an iPhone 6s. It cost him a salty $700.00.
  Two days ago, he saw a post on Facebook that promised a "retro look" if he changed his date to 1 January 1970. I couldn't get angry with him because he bought the phone with his own money, and to be honest, I would have done it myself. I mean, who wouldn't want a retro look on an iPhone 6s?
  So, I am posting this to say that we did find a fix after much research; reading through YouTube comments, and avoiding the "trolls" who think it is funny to spread this sort of stuff.
  Forst, here's what we tried that didn't work.
  1. the DFU Restore did not work
  2. pluging into a laptop and attempting to connect with iTunes didn't work
  3. Cussing the phone and getting irritated... didn't work.
  4. pressing the power, up volume and home buttons, blah blah blah. Did not work.
  5. putting another SIM card in. No help at all.
  6. letting the battery run all the way out? We waited for almost an entire day for that last tiny red sliver of battery to go away and it never did.
  I know that I will catch flack for not posting a video that proves that we had success, but I am not about to try doing it again. I can tell you with absolute confidence and truth that we did have success though.
  My oldest son works on phones as a side business, and tonight he took it apart and unplugged the battery and let it sit there, unplugged, for about five minutes. When he plugged the battery back in and tested it, it booted up with no issues what so ever. Honest truth.

  So there you have it. If you are here because you fell for the same gag, you are in good company.
I hope you have the same success that we had.

P.S., I am still waiting on the Ubuntu phone to come out. What the heck happened to the Kiskstarter? Good grief, it can't take that long...

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